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NEVER SEEN IN THE UK: Customise your device to meet your own Aesthetic Medicine needs

Modula is a unique system which allows you to combine 6 technologies in one modulated stackable unit, giving you the ultimate space saving technology for professionals on the go. This Class b medical device offers a complete aesthetic solution for your practice.


By combining multiple technologies, the benefit of two treatments is focused in one hand piece. Modula is the only device to provide both synergies, for the first time offering the possibility to work with an integrated system which is twice as effective.


Modula consists of Radiofrequency, Cavitation, Electroporation, Carbiox, Pulsed Light and Diode Laser.

Radiofrequency – unique on the market with an output of 300 watts, Modula Radiofrequency immediately reaches the treatment temperature (41degrees) ensuring excellent results.


Two different was of delivering energy allows you to work in a targeted manner, returning tone and elasticity to the face and body. In addition to body treatments guaranteed by the deep irradiation of the monopolar technology, the more delicate areas of the face are treated by precise bipolar action, working specially on individual flaws. Modula Radiofrequency also has the possibility to treat the body with quadripolar technology, which allows you to focalise the heat in a big area.


The Modula Radiofrequency device has been created to ensure safe and painless treatments. The device is unique as it has been developed with ATC (Auto Temperature Control) a sensor which is present on all hand pieces that is able to detect the temperature of the treated area and displays this on the device, allowing you to remain in control of the client’s comfort levels at all times during the treatment. The device also offers the ability to work entirely in automatic mode whereby you can set a temperature limit to ensure your clients skin is always protected.


With the DCS (Detection Control System) you can change the hand piece simply and safely, just insert it into the rear panel and Modula will automatically recognise it, this means that changing from a fractional RF treatment to a Bipolar treatment during a session is simpler and more immediate.


Carbiox – The technology is the latest generation of easy-tech instruments for the microinjection of CO2, administered either subcutaneous or at intradermal level. Two therapies and seven treatment modes in one module. The double delivery allows you to operate both with carbon dioxide and with oxygen promoting a total of seven different treatments, making it a complete instrument designed for maximum customer satisfaction.


Carboxytherapy is the painless subcutaneous infiltration of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), a natural gat that’s works by activating the microcirculation and dissolving of localised fat.


Oxygen has recently been found to be an important component in skin rejuvenation, treatment of photo-aging skin and improvement in the skin complexions. Skin Oxygenation leads to its revascularisation, making it more tined and luminous, softer and healthier.


The reliable and gradual flow delivery allows the patient to undergo painless treatments. Modula Carbiox presents an advanced gas management system which allows for controlled increases and decreases of the flow. You can also offer patients maximum comfort thanks to the Gas Temperature Control, the system heats the carbon dioxide delivered eliminating the unpleasant cold feeling under the skin.


Carboxytherapy Enhanced Assisted is a new method created after a collaboration between professionals of AIME (Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine) and as part of the 2nd level Master’s degree in Aesthetic Medicine at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, which allows for greater diffusibility of CO2 and an immediate analgesic effect for the patient.


Cavitation – with two types of energy delivery, either continuous or pulsed, Modula Cavitation can address the issues of body fat more completely. A continuous treatment, followed by a pulsed mode phase, which prepares the body for the lymphatic drainage massage required at the end of each session, encouraging and amplifying the disposal of excess fluids. Results are more immediate and long lasting.


With modula cavitation there is guaranteed effectiveness. There is a specially created SCC Save Calibration Control, a hand-piece self-calibrating system. The device constantly monitors the frequencies of the delivered ultrasound, ensuring the correct values for a safe cavitation effect.


Three pre-set programmes for adiposity, toning and cellulite offer universal solutions.



Diode Laser – this diode laser offers a 2 in 1 solution, combining 808 nm wavelength for painless and secure hair removal and 760 nm wavelength having both the characteristics of an Alexandrite and all the advantages of a diode technology.


The real innovation of the Modula diode laser is the OELD display built into the hand-piece. Energy values, pulse duration and frequency can be monitored comfortably without wasting operating time. theses values can be modified directly from the monitor of the handpiece. Safety is assured by the SCS (Skin Cooling System) which cools the skin during treatment to avoid discomfort caused by high temperatures.


Pulsed Light – with Modula hair removal becomes more effective and less painful; the dual cooling technology maximises product performance, and of course the comfort of the client. The unique SCS (Skin Cooling System) operates on contact cooling the skin and preventing discomfort and redness. Modula is the first Pulsed Light system with an FCC (Filter Check Control) a device that terminates the treatment if the filter is not inserted thereby avoiding accidents and damage to the skin.


Treatments can be tailored for each skin type thanks to the innovative PDC (Photo Derma Chrome) technology which is a photo sensor on the hand piece that records the exact colour shade of the skin and the system automatically selects the most suitable treatment programme for that skin type.


Modula uses interchangeable filters, which means the handpiece is able to perform 6 different treatments. By selectively cutting the broad-spectrum light beam we can obtain the selected wavelengths for specific actions – from hair removal to photo rejuvenation to acne treatments to vascular treatments.

  • User friendly software
  • Built in photo sensor for automatic protocol selection
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Flexible upgrade and pricing options thanks to modulated system
  • Large 10.4 inches touch screen
  • Tablet app available for statistical data
  • Wifi for quick and remote updates and diagnostic
  • Automatic hand piece recognition for precise treatment

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