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The first BLUE laser in the world to combine
3 wavelengths for surgical and therapy treatments.

K-Laser Blue is the first portable laser in the world which makes it possible to perform surgical and therapeutic treatments from one device. This unique three-wavelength laser, combining 445nm, 660nm and 970nm laser beams, offers a huge array of benefits and applications from aesthetic treatments, precision surgery, to endo and external vascular therapy, pain relief and superficial and deep tissue photo-biostimulation.


K-Laser Blue’s wavelengths target specifically the absorption of melanin, water and haemoglobin molecules. This feature allows many advantages in the precision, and lack or thermal damage in the surgical field thanks to its higher energy coefficient of the Blue laser light, compared to red and infra-red lasers. The laser utilises the 445nm Blue laser beam for surgical and dermatological clinical uses. In addition, it has direct antiseptic properties, whereas the other two beams have additional skin and deep tissue and photo-biostimulating pain relieving properties.

Surgical applications

K-Laser Blue is characterised by an interface that allows choosing from several treatments, thus ensuring unprecedented accuracy of incisions in the surgical field. The “Blue” 445 nm wavelength can also be combined with the infra-red 970 nm one, thus making for a better ablative effect (DISB) or increased biostimulating properties (ISB). These two modalities are K-Laser patents and make for a unique and exclusive surgical performance.


  • Dermatological Surgery and Therapy
  • Dermatological Treatments
  • Podiatry
  • Contact Surgery
  • Vascular Surgery
  • Liposuction
  • Age/Solar Spots
  • Pain Therapy
  • Therapy Of The Tissues
  • Dentistry


Therapy applications

K-Laser Blue intuitive software operates following more dynamic stages. Therefore, it allows modulating the parameters of the selected program, such as wavelength, frequency, energy and power. Using only one device, this feature guarantees a wide range of highly efficient medical applications, through tissue repair and a reinforced immune system.

  • No maintenance
  • Diverse Range of Clinical, Aesthetic and Surgical Uses
  • Dermatology applications
  • Surgical applications
  • Aesthetic applications
  • Accelerated and Minimal Scar Healing
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Maximum Patient Safety
  • Internal Wifi for Ease of Software Protocol Updates
  • All Surgical Components can be Sterilised

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Case Studies

  • Light NevusLight Nevus
  • Fibroma PendulumFibroma Pendulum
  • Acne TreatmentAcne Treatment
  • PhotorejuvenationPhotorejuvenation
  • PapillomaPapilloma
  • RosaceaRosacea
  • Heel BedsoreHeel Bedsore