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Everything you need to know about Biofibre Hair Implant and Artificial Hair Implantation
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An innovative aesthetic solution to hair loss, hair thinning and hair shedding

Biofibre Hair Implantation is a simple and effective intradermic procedure designed to solve hair loss problems in both men and women at any age and stage with an immediate aesthetic result.


The Biofibre device offers an alternative or complimentary treatment to traditional hair loss intervention methods. The Biocompatible fibres compose of a mixture of medical grade polyamides, with over 30 years of research and development into Biofibre its efficacy and safety has been proven in many clinical studies.


Biofibre implants are available in multiple colours, different textures such as straight, wavy, curly and afro and is also available in different lengths allowing you to achieve an exact match with your natural hair or preferred hair style. The fibres are also available in a high-density version that allows three hairs to be implanted with each implant, the high-density fibres are designed for the crown area only.


Biofibre Hair Implant can be performed by: Doctor, Dentist, Nurse

Our Biofibre device is a hair restoration technique indicated to treat the following:


  • Androgenic alopecia
  • General hair thinning
  • Depletion of a donor area for hair transplant
  • Scalp scars
  • Scalp burns
  • Additional/ combination treatment to other hair restoration techniques
  • An immediate aesthetic result
  • High quality natural result
  • No patient downtime
  • Soft surgical treatment, no need for local anaesthetic
  • Quick treatment time
  • Simple, painless and completely reversable treatment
  • Ideal solution to combat hair loss and thinning in early stage

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Case Studies

  • Female Pattern Hair LossFemale Pattern Hair Loss
  • Female Pattern Hair LossFemale Pattern Hair Loss
  • Hair Density IncreaseHair Density Increase
  • Hair Density IncreaseHair Density Increase
  • Scalp BurnScalp Burn